Your Ultimate Guide to Second-Level Home Additions

Second floor house

Some of the reasons for repairing a 2nd-floor house are because the old residence or the 1st floor is deemed insufficient for the room needs. Another reason is due to limited land. With the addition of a 2nd floor, it will save more on the budget. When compared to adding land or buildings.

It is undeniable, calculating the cost of building a 2-story house can make you dizzy because the calculation process is complicated and easy.

It often happens that the cost of building a 2-story house becomes over budget. Not a few finally chose to stop construction temporarily, even permanently because the funds were no longer there. Don't let your plan to build a new house also stall because you don't calculate the cost of building a 2-story house in detail and accurately!

For those of you who are still confused about the cost of building a 2-story house, here Kania will discuss how to calculate it. When you carry out the steps below, hopefully, the cost of building your dream 2-story house is not over budget. Read the review until the end.

Check This Before Build-Up Your House

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Set the desired building area

From the very beginning of planning to build a 2-story house, you must have a determination about the area of ​​the building you want to build. Of course, you have to make sure you want to build a house with what area on the lower and upper floors.

When the area has been determined, don't be easily tempted by other people's suggestions to change the shape or area of the house you want to build. You see, a slight change in the area of ​​the house can have a big impact on the total cost of building a 2-story house that you have to prepare.

Make Details of the Materials Needed

If you have set the building area, it will be easier for you to calculate what is needed to build the house. You can estimate the materials needed. For example, how many sacks of cement and bricks are needed, as well as how many and what types of tiles to prepare. Detailed material details will make it easier for you to calculate the price per material requirement for the cost of building your dream 2-story house.

Check the Price of Each Material

Already have a record of what materials are needed? Now is the time to start checking the price per unit of the building material! Look for stores that offer prices according to your wishes. Checking the material prices one by one will make you more detailed in calculating the cost of building a 2-story house and you won't be over budget!

Estimate Price Per Square Meter

So that it is not difficult to read, make a budget or the cost of building your 2-story house by estimating the price per square meter. The average cost of building a 2-story house in Jakarta, per square meter, is around IDR 3-5 million. That's just for the construction material, huh! So, if you want to build a 2-story house with a total area of 150 square meters, the building construction costs that you have to prepare can be in the range of IDR 450-750 million.

Increase the Budget from the Beginning

Is it certain that with all the ways to calculate the cost of building a 2-story house above, there will be no additional costs? Not necessarily! You still have to prepare more funds when calculating the cost of building a 2-story house. This is useful for anticipating unwanted needs. At least, increase 15-30 percent of the total cost of building a 2-story house so that you feel more secure.

Several financial services, both private and state-owned, both provide mortgage facilities for home renovations, but with different advantages and conditions. For example, consumptive financing facilities for purchasing, building/renovating, top-up, refinancing or taking over the property in the form of residential houses, villas, apartments, condominiums, shop houses, office houses, or plots of land, the amount of which is adjusted to the financing needs and capabilities of repay each debtor, and it’s as well helps you to calculate your payments.. 

In applying for a mortgage for home renovation, the requirements and procedures are almost the same as applying for a home purchase mortgage. Before applying, it is better to check mortgage affordability to check the maximum budget that fits with your capabilities.

And don’t forget to always check the progress of your renovation. Quoted from BBC, “A client who came to me had spent over $100,000 on a renovation that did not increase the property value of her home,” Chung said. “And she did it on credit that is now causing her financial strain.”

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Construction Strength Check

When carrying out additional renovations to the floor of the house, the strength of the construction that needs to be checked is the foundation, aloof, columns, and beams. Check the foundation, make sure it is strong to support the 2nd floor. The foundation will be strong enough to support the additional 2nd floor if the depth is 90 cm or more.

Checking the strength of the mortar can be done using a chisel. Good foundation strength will not break easily. If it does not match the criteria, then the foundation needs to be repaired by adding a foundation outside the old foundation. More ideally, the addition along the old foundation or at certain points only.

Another thing to consider is the type of soil. If the soil is unstable, then the depth of the foundation must be deeper than the hard soil.

The thickness of the aloof should be at least 20 cm. Check the strength of the mortar with a chisel and also 12 mm reinforcing iron at least 6 iron. If it is not suitable, then add a new look with additional reinforcement. Meanwhile, the strength of the columns and beams must also be seen by using chisels and checking bones.

Appropriate Layout

The layout of the 2nd floor must be designed according to the 1st floor. Why is that? This is closely related to the distribution of the load on the construction. In addition, it is also related to sanitation. For example, the 2nd-floor bathroom should stay above the 1st-floor toilet.

The master bedroom on the 2nd floor should be in the widest area. In addition, it is placed on the most sturdy structure. For example, placed above the trunk of the vehicle. The children's bedroom can be placed next to the main bedroom.

On the 2nd floor, a transparent roof can be used to dry clothes. Even though it is transparent, it will not be visible from the outside. So, privacy is still maintained. For the house to look better and more organized, the warehouse space should be placed on the left side of the house. while the main entrance can be made from the trunk.

Circulation and Space Function

Pay attention to the arrangement of the ladder position. Stairs should be following the aesthetics, function of movement, or circulation of the room and construction.

Meeting space requirements is the main goal of adding a floor. For example, additional bedrooms, work, music studios, and many others. Prioritize priority needs, don't force all integrity to be fulfilled.


Renovating a 2nd-floor house can be done without dismantling the old house. Planning should be thorough, starting from the cost budget and understanding home renovation tips with a more economical budget. Or you can also consult with the architect in advance so that the results are maximized.

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